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About Us

It started with Jennifer & Suzanne. Let's just say one was a bit wilder than the other, although to meet them now you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference. Then came along Lisa & Jodi, 13 months apart in age and inseparable.

Wild hair, wild clothes, wild animals, you name it... Wild was their middle name. A little boy did come into the family to crash the party, but was often found wearing lipstick and high heels thanks to his Two Wild Sisters.

Apples don't fall far from the tree and when Lisa had a pair of wild girls of her own, Jodi followed suit with two more. You can see a pattern here can't you? That left the little brother... and not wanting to be left out, he has produced the Wildest Two of them all.

These crazies all together make the growing story of our Two Wild Sisters brand- the current crop of the family has a lot to live up to!

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Grant Murphy


Grant Spud Murphy is the man behind the sisters. Although not a sister himself he is the experience that the business brings. Owning Old Man Rock and Chicos bar and grill in town for over 25 years this man has been in the industry longer then most. Coming up with the ideas Spud knows everyone and also knows how a good poached egg should look so you can trust that the best quality will be served to you from both the cafe and the catering van. You'll find him popping in and out of the cafe and in the caravan at most catering events. He may not be a sister but he is definitely is as wild as one.

Tyree Birch

Tyree is the dark horse of the cafe and catering business as she is fairly knew to the scene. Always being apart of the picture Tyree has watched and learnt and now she is excelling in her work in and around the cafe. Found mostly in the Kitchen whipping up a storm, Tyree has put forward always awesome food out to customers which can be found in the cabinet or on the menu. Not officially a sister (athough she does look like one) Tyree has invited her own wild family to become apart of the fun with her daughter Aroha killing it on the coffees. Very much a main ingredient in the recipe of success, Tyree never fails to impress and we are just as excited as you are to see what she comes up with next.

Lisa Murphy


So Lisa is our original Wild Sister with her mother, kids, siblings and nieces all following in her wild footsteps. Lisa is a major part of the business and can be found most days at the cafe even when she isn't working. Manager of all the behind the scenes business as well as one of the main cooks a barista and a director for the cafe and the food truck you can see how she has become so wild. Owning and running Old Man Rock cafe with Spud means the experience that she brings is vital to making the daily cafe work. Cooking most of your food make sure you send the compliments to the Chefs next time you are in.